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Can You Believe This Woman is 101 Years Old?

What will you look like when you turn 101 years old? If I look like this lady then I will be a happy Savvy Sistah. Vorese Fisher “Aunt Vo” is a 101 years old and she looks absolutely fabulous!!Her key to longevity is not plastic surgery, an oxygen tank or living on a deserted island, but she said “Jesus in the morning, Jesus in the afternoon and Jesus at night…kept me in peace”, and simply moderation. Nothing overdone, nothing overdone.”

God bless you and keep doing what you’re doing “Aunt Vo” because it’s working!

  • EM.EM

    She’s stunning and it’s hard to believe that she’s really 101 years old. Are you sure? I would put her in her late 60s early 70s

    • Roshonda

      Aunt Vo is stunning!! Trust me I had to do a little research before I posted this article, because I thought she was in her 60′ or 70’s as well.

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