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Stand Together Against Bullying with the Walker Family

If you had the opportunity to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition last night, than you were touched just like I was by the story of a 11 year old boy named Carl Walker who took his own life because he was being bullied at school. I couldn’t hold back the tears as his mother Sirdeaner Walker talked about her gifted & loving child and the moments that lead up to his death.

I remember years ago when I was bullied by kids in my neighborhood and at school. I got so tired one day that I took a knife with me to the bus stop so I wouldn’t have to be in fear of one of my bullies anymore. On that particular day he approached me before I made it to my bus and I pulled the knife on him. I knew it was either him or me…I was just feed up. I didn’t think about my future or my family, I was only 12 years old. But thank God, he saw the fire in my eyes and the point of that knife and took off running. After that day he never messed with again, but it shouldn’t have had to go that far.

Trailer of the Walkers on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

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“Sirdeaner Walker, whose 11-year-old son died by suicide after experiencing bullying in school, has dedicated her life to ending bullying of all kinds, including bullying based on race, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or anything else that makes people different”.

Let’s continue to Stand Together against Bullying!

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Update June 27,2013- Thank you for all of the comments and support of the Walker family after seeing them on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. You can now find out more information and continue to support this awesome family and other victims of bullying by stopping by The Carl Joseph Walker Hoover foundation.


  • Lorraine

    My nephew was being bullied several years ago. Three boys repeatedly over time were physically abusive to him the school did not do anything about it when his mother went to them. One day these boys hit him in the stomache several times, he started coughing up blood in class & his mother was called. She took him to the hospital & CPS got involved because they thought she was abusing him. The truth came out they suspended the 3 boys from school and my nephew. My sister went to the school yelling at them my brother-in-law called me to calm her down. I went to the school and told them calmly what we were going to do, and than I grabbed my sister & pulled her from the room. I told her after telling them your point of view don’t bother listening to their excuses only solutions . So we went to the school board , & media was involved tell a policy was passed.

  • http://Facebook Ruby Moorman

    My 2 daughters & myself were bullied, so I/we understand how DEEPLY this hurts & I/we stand with you with the DEEPEST LUVingKINDness ever desired… Hugs & loves

    ~”Brightest Blessings Always”~

    ~”Love, Peace, Hope, Laugh, Give, Live & Let Live”~

  • Vicky

    My son was and still @ the age of 18 gets bullied but he still moves forward with a heavy heart that people can be so cruel to one another. I’m always worrying for him and others that get bullied. God bless our children and keep them close to your loving heart.

  • http://thesavvysistah Elizabeth

    My son, daughter and I were all bullied and when we see other people tell their stories who are physically beautiful, and have money and personality and talent, it brings home the message its not about the victim. It’s not something wrong with us, it’s them! I and my children have great compassion for hurting people and people who are vicimized because of our experiences being treated so horribly ourselves. I’ m so sorry about your son

  • http://google Destinee b

    I am so sorry about your lost walker family it hearts being bully because i was bully for 5years intill i told it find to be who you are but we can stand togther against bullying as long as we belive sooooo so sorry about your son i hope you have a great hoilday.

  • http://facebook Dawn

    I have seen many extreme home make overs but this one had me crying through out the whole show. I am so sorry for the loss that the Walker family had to endure. I am glad that Ty and Crew was able to help your family to start the healing process and bring some joy into your life. I hope you all have a great Holiday and wonderful New Year. I too will take the stand against bullying.


  • Rose

    I just wanted to start off by saying, Walker family I’m very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you. I’m sending you my thoughts and prayers. I was a victom of bullying. It started when I was in kindergarden and continued until I graduated. High school was the worst, it started with 2 girls that started it all and then they got their friends involved. They would beat me up and beat me down. I did go for help but no one would listen, I was being ignored so I took things in to my own hands. I tried to do what ever I could just so I wouldn’t have to go to school. I made myself sick with a eatting disorder that I delt with for 4 in a half yrs. When that didn’t get me out of school I had thoughts of suicide because I didn’t want to hurt or feel pain anymore. I didn’t want to feel the stress that the bullies put me threw. I wrote a letter to a friend of mine about comitting suicide and some how the teacher got a hold of it and I had to leave school early. I thank God for my teacher because if it wasn’t for my teacher I would not be here today. I went to talk with a councelor but I never really said much because I knew there wasn’t much she could do. I didn’t want to talk to anyone about it because I was afraid of being ignored again. So until I graduated, I put up with the bullying. I would go home with the evidence on my face but still nothing was done about it. No one should ever have to put up with bullying, never. I just wonna share advice to all parents and kids. Parents, teachers please listen to your kids and students, don’t just listen to their voice really listen to what they are saying. It is your job to keep your kids and students safe and that means protecting them from bullies. All of you who know someone who is being bullied or is being bullied them selfs, please don’t be afraid to tell someone. Bullies may have taken a lot from you but the one thing that they will never take is your voice. Be strong and stand up to bullies by telling an adult. The walker family I will always be here for you, sending you big hugs. God bless you. Stop bullies Stop hate, give only love NoH8.

  • skyla

    hi im 11 and i no how it fells to be bullied almost every day i am bullied by name calling

    • Roshonda

      Hello Skyla,
      I’m so sorry to hear that you are being bullied. I hope that you have someone in your family or a teacher who you can talk to about what’s going on in your life. I was only 9 years old when kids stated bullying and talking about me, so I know how you feel. I pray that God will keep you safe and that He will cause those children to just leave you alone. Be blessed and just know that regardless of what they say or do, it won’t stop you from becoming the incredible person you were destined to be! 🙂

    • Samantha

      I’m sorry to hear that skyla I’m Samantha Smyth I’m 12 and I’m being bullied too hope it gets better god bless x

  • eliane sutton

    hi i am from quebec canada, and i watched and heard your story on tv . i just want to say it really touched me, because i was bullied a lot from grade six to secondary four. i hurt a lot and cryed myself to sleep every night. i tryed to help meny people that are being bullied. i now have a five year old daughter and i am trying to explain to her that it is not nice to call people names and that if anyone ever called her a name and makes her fell bad she needs to talk to someone older or to her mommy and daddy…

  • Sally

    I just found your sight. I can not believe how EVERYONE is getting SO involved with the fight against Bullying. It truly is AMAZING. I wrote a short book a couple of years ago, it is about my life of being Bullied at School and being abused at home. My life was full of Physical and emotional turmoil. I kept the book short so Teens would not be scared of the aspect of reading a long boring book. My book can be read in 2 hours and I feel it really could help a LOT of young adults by making them think a little. I did NOT do it for the money, as I have only sold a few and I would give them out FREE if I could afford to buy a bulk, just to get them out to the School Libraries. It is available on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble and Publish America. But I have not been able to get the word out about it and I am hoping someone may be able to head me in the right direction. The name of it is “The Ejected Child”. I would appreciate ANY help you may be able to give. Sincerely Sally Wallace A.K.A. Jo Lynn Richards

  • Fusco

    Hy my name is Jorge from Lisbon, Portugal it’s just a small coutry across the ocean but full of people with a BIG HEART and i’ve seen your story and you know what?
    Count me in let’s end with that nasty word that i refuse to speak and let’s not only in America but around the world ,my feelings are with you family Walker and don’t forget you are alone and please don’t you DARE to give up of being HAPPY Sincerely Jorge Fusco and family

  • Kim Jensen

    I just watched a program in Denmark on extreme makeover project and the journey that your family has been through.
    I thought I would write to your website, and tell that in also have friends in Denmark / Europe.
    I am a qualified teacher and works with bullying in my daily life.
    The more families and people that can help to spread the message that bullying is not acceptable, the better it is.

    I believe that together we can develop a better society both nationally but also internationally by speaking with ONE voice in any language that bullying will not be tolerated.

    Continue your message of a bully-free environment so that our children can have a safe life where they should not be afraid of other people.

    Kim Jensen

  • Bartek

    hej ja równie? by?em zastraszany w szkole podstawowej a potem w gimnazjum nikt nigdy nic z tym nie robi? nie wiem mo?e moje samozaparcie i upór pomog?y mi przetrwa? gdy poszed?em do szko?y ?redniej by?o inaczej nowe ?rodowisko nowe osoby ale w mojej miejscowo?ci dalej by?o tak samo dzi? mam prawie 22 lata i nauczy?em si? jak sobie z tym radzi? pozna?em swoje warto?ci i wiem jakim jestem cz?owiekiem a to co mówi? inni w moj? stron? to ju? mnie nie dotyka tak mocno nauczy?em si? z tym ?y? ale najwa?niejsze to si? nie poddawa?

  • gina

    jestem z Wami

  • ojka

    I’m from Poland and when I was bulled when I was in primary school. Lots of times I want killed myself… It was scared.

  • http://www.stanstep.pl Stanis?aw

    Obl?da?em z rodzin? w tv histori? Waszych do?wiadcze?.
    Nasz syn tak?e mia? podobne problemy z prze?ladowaniem go i braku akceptacji w ?rodowisku szkolnym.
    Dobr? spraw? jest prewencja o jakiej jest mowa w tym odcinku DOMU nie do poznania.
    Jeste?my jednomy?lni w tej sprawie.
    Zosta?cie w centrum Bo?ej mi?o?ci.
    Niech On Wam obficie b?ogos?awi.
    Stanis?aw z rodzin?

  • Ojka

    hey I’m from Poland and when i was in primary school i was bullied. i want to killed myself … it was scared

  • sofi simonsson

    I love you Walker Family! I saw you at extreme home makeover and my tears just ran.
    Sorry, I live in Sweden and can’t write in english so well… but i hope you understand!
    Keep going!
    Peace and love
    A 17 year old girl in sweden!

  • Maria Zid

    My name is Maria and I come from Sweden.
    I have looked at the program on television extreme makeover. They helped you with your finding houses.
    I been very touched by your story about Carl. When I was a kid where I’m bullied, of my classmates. So I know how it feels. I Send with all my heart a big hug to you all. All the best in the alloy fine house. Hug Maria

  • Samantha

    I’m 12 and live in Sudbury in England and I watched extreme makeover and it touched me heart I have been bullied a lot at school but I k ow one day they will have the guilt of bullying me and I shouldn’t let that affect school and my life so thank you and god bless
    rest in peace Carl Walker ????? 🙁 we will always remember you xxx

  • Samantha

    god bless you the walkers family hope your life Is much happier now than before that tragic day REST IN PEACE Carl Walker xxxxx

  • Madeleine

    I recently watched the show.. My deepest sympathies and thoughts go to the family. My son is constantly the subject of bullying due to the fact he has Aspergers Syndrome. I really do wish we had the education in the UK that there seems to be in the USA. You guys give strength and hope to all of us. Thank you for sharing your story. Much love

  • Annika Jørgensen

    I just saw Extreme Makeover today, and I must say, the story touched me deeply inside. When I saw that, I couldn’t stop crying. I’m almost 21 years old, and i was bullied for 16 years, it stopped when I was 19 years. These 16 years of my life was a hell, and I was so close to take my life. I talked to the most amazing person i my life, my dad, and he helped me through it. I’m okay today, but I’m scared to talk with other people, that I don’t know. I live in Denmark, so my english is not so good, but I hope you understand it.

    Best regards
    Annika Jørgensen.

  • sherry

    I am so sorry about your loss. I have 3 kids of my own and i couldnt imagine to have to go through this myself. You guys are terrific. Stay strong and stand together! Xoxo

    Regards, Sherry Vanderhout

  • Patricia

    A year ago my thirteen year old daughter was being bullied at school and one night she decided that she was going to take one of my sharp knives and cut her wrist. She didnt told me that she was being bullied until I rushed her up to the hospital and that is when it all came out that she was being bullied by three grade niners and she was only in grade seven. On Monday morning I called up the school and I told the guidance counslor about it and we had a meeting and the three boys were suspended from school for a week. She was called names and was pushed up against the lockers.

  • jacob

    I live in canada and i was bullied to the point i tried to harm myself.. People who bully have serious issues to make the victims of abuse (physically and mentally) put thereselves to harm. I felt like nobody cared, but i stood up one day and i helped not only myself against bullying, but others out there.. God bless your beautiful son, hes an angel sent from heaven above! All my love to the walker family, rest in beautiful peace carl walker<3

  • Tanja

    Hi I’m from Slovenia and I’m 15 years old. When I was little, kids used to call me fat alot. Every day I came home in tears because they didn’t know that I had epilepsy. After a couple of years they still didn’t stop and I wanted to kill myself, I felt lonely and sad, I felt like nobody, like nobody cares, I didn’t had so many friends and I was hiding my emotions inside, I was hiding behind my style and hair, trying to be cool and happy but inside I was dieing, every night I fall asleep in tears. One day I saw a young girl cutting herself and I wanted to try it too but I didn’t. And here I am in high school and I still feel fat,ugly and not good enough when I am with my friends and I don’t wear shorts anymore. But my best friend Sean is holding me together he is the best thing that is ever happened to me and because of him I am confident to wear shorts or T-shirts. I realized that every person has that special frend and family, when you have problems you can always tell them so If I didn’t have my mom and brother and my best friend I would’t be here, they helped me get through it and when I heard the story of the Walkers family it touched my heart, when I was watching the episodes I was crying. I love the Walkers family and I’m against bullying !!!??? Stay strong and I’m sorry for your lost :'(

  • Gemme

    Hi my name is Gemma Butterfield I am from Reading in UK. I have been bullied when I was in school like saying names.
    From 17 yr. Old girl

  • Brittney

    It is 4:53am and me and my brother just finish watching the walker family extrem home makeover, I am happy that your family found peace and happiness in your new beautiful home, my prayers Go out to you guys and may the lord bring your family forever growth in your story and website to spread the word to STOP bullying, I send my love to the walker family and other beautiful family’s that goes true this every day! Peace!

  • sonia zaldivar

    I just finished watching the the extrem home makeover of the Walker family it really kind of made me cry i was bullied once i hurt but i got over it by talking to someone. The Walker family are so strong that they never give up hope on their child how passed and GOD BLESS THE WALKER FAMILY. i will pledge along with you

  • Stephen jefferies

    I was so devastated to here what happened to young Carl we got the extreme makeover show aired last night in Australia
    I have to say tears galore rolled in our house
    But as the show came to the end the difference the walker family will make to bring bullying to a end will be huge I wish you all well
    Say sorry for your lose
    And keep up your great work that you are spreading around the world about bullying thank you for what would have been a hard thing to do Stephen tammin western Australia

  • loredana

    last night (09/12/2013) broadcast the episode of EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION where he spoke of his family, I am so sorry for what happened, the slipping from italy and I say that even here the bullying is on the rise …… I just hope that we can as soon as possible to destroy this horrible plague!
    affection with loredana

    • https://www.facebook.com/home.php?clk_loc=5 Nicholas Stanton

      Hi…I am Nicholas Stanton (also known to some as Nick Stanton, and N Stanton). I am one of the survivors of bullying. I am not large and I am not well known to everyone. I am usually reluctant to say this but I haven’t stopped standing up to bullying alone. Now know that I am not alone. I have dealt with bullying since the first grade and it shows no sine of decline. I am discriminated against and I have been called names, insulted to the point of thinking about suicide, and I have dealt with people singling me out because I am different. I have 5 real friends…but I almost gave in in high school which would of meant not having them. I do not sit by and not think of things they have said lately. they say that I am too cold hearted and can’t love someone. I know that is not true but none really cares if it hurts as deep as it does. I am capable o love but none is willing to see beyond my looks, my old mistrust issues, and my mask I put on while they insult me. I feel like I have to wear a mask of content when I want nothing else to do but to wash it off. I am able to pretend that it didn’t happen but underneath the mask is years of pain. I want to be free of the mask. I want to be me. but behind a mask I hide. I will stand against bullying because none deserves to feel like I do. when it happens…I feel useless, heartless, a former image of myself, and trapped in loads of pain w/ sorrow. I have emotions they never see because I have a fear of what the will say. I am still fighting the affects and staying resilient. I will be happy to not only help in getting rid of it…but to give my story now. when I was in elementary school, people would call me stupid, crazy, even go as far as hurting me physically all the way through and caused m to loose friends in 3rd grade. I was bullied in middle school by being chased, thrown around (even on a hard objects), having stuff stolen, called names, and they went as far as destroying my homework. In high school…it got worse in another way: I was called names, known as inferior to the other kids, had stuff stolen to find it broken later, had been attacked about my looks, attacked about my preferences between men and women (I prefer women), and repeatedly had chanting behind me like “Nick is the gayest man on earth, he pretends to lo love women to get good grades, he loves to run by the renegades for he is the gayest man earth…he loves to”…I don’t have the guts to finish…it is just too painful to remember and I ran away from them to not hear it. I think I gave enough of the chant because you could guess the rest of it. not hard to finish but painful for me to think of and hear again (if it ever comes up). In college, it is common for me to hear how cold hearted and heartless I am. I can wear a mask over those but they hurt more than the combinations of the past. I haven’t told people that the reason that I decided not to kill myself is that I have a family, a few friends even, and people that love me at church (even if I can’t see them all the time). I was once compared to a barren land with no life in it…little do the know…there is life still here. I can love but the damage on my personality made me unable to tell if I am loved from hated by other people. I will take a stand. BULLYING MUST BE STOPPED.

  • Lurkin Cat


  • sravanthi

    Hi walker family,

    Iam in denmark and watching your extreme home make over episode and couldn’t stop crying whole episode.

    You guys are doing a great work,continue to do so.God bless you.



  • pia henriksen

    i just saw how u got ur new house on Danish tv.
    and been watching how u have sofferd the pain to lose a son/brother/grandson. 🙁
    i have lost my brother too and know the pain u are going throug.
    Hope u are happey now and tanks for letting people know all that about u and ur family.

    u are making a diffrent i the world.

    the best from Denmark

  • Jazmin Salas

    Hola mi nombre es Jazmín Salas, soy de Costa Rica y vi su historia por televisión de paga, tengo un hijo de 13 años que ha sufrido bastante de bulling, lo he cambiado de escuela varias veces, su historia francamente me ha llegado al corazón, y también a darle mas importancia a las cosas que mi hijo me diga y estar mas atenta con el Dios los bendiga! y recuerden que desde el cielo Carl esta super orgulloso de la madre que el Señor le dio aquí en la tierra.

  • Veronica

    Hi Walker Family,
    I saw your story last night on Extreme Makeover. I am a grandmother now, but I have 2 beautiful grandchildren. I can’t even imagine what I would do without them in my life. Sometimes it just takes 1 person to make a difference in this world. I was teased alot in public school way back when. Then it wasn’t considered bullying. Children today have so many obstacles to cross in the school system. I really don’t know how they manage. Good parenting is a must and a belief in God sure doesnt hurt any household. I think the education should start in grade one and give the tools that they need in order to combat this epedemic. You have a beautiful family and You are so deserving of this new home and to make happy memories. I was crying at the end when you were putting the angel by the tree. I hope for all the best for you and your family in 2014 and keep up the good work for the children.
    From Ontario, Canada God Bless

  • http://Facebook Kevin Genaille


  • colette dejoux

    bonjour a vous tous je vous écris de France en regardant l’émission de ty j’ai eu les larmes qui ont coulées mon fils aujourd’hui âgé de 19 ans s’est fait moqué pendant de nombreuses années par rapport a son poids et mon petit fils lui a été mis de coté car il est sourds profond et pour moi c’est un autre cas d’intimidation bravo a ce que vous faites et voudrais faire quelque chose pour vous mais n’étant pas beaucoup de sous je participerai en parlant autour de moi et encore merci bisous

  • http://www.mokrane.com mokrane

    We stand against harassment and bullying

  • DSSD

    My daughter was bullied from elementary school through highschool. In Grade 11 she was threatened with physical violence while attending a house party of a friend that she had played sports with up until this day. She fought back with words and finally told them that she wasn’t putting up with the bullying anymore from the “mean girls” who were also invited guests. This is when one bully decided she was going to physically attack my daughter. My daughter being the more mature one walked away and left the party while three boys were holding back the bully from going after her. Three other’s became involved verbally attacking her as well including the party host, some friend she turned out to be, guess some girls want to fit in! Back to school my daughter went on the Monday after the incident and now the verbal emails/texts/facebook posts started threatening and demanding that my daughter meet with the party host alone after one of her classes. This is when we stepped in as my daughter knew that because she finally stood up for herself the bullies were only out to get revenge. How dare she right? Well, thankfully my daughter was brave enough to talk to us about all her experiences she had been having. Authorities were called and a much needed visit to the school was conducted by myself and my husband. Well, you would think that would have backed them off, of course not they are bullies. Well, lets try the justice system. VICTORY, my daughter stood against the bullies and the justice system here in Ontario, Canada stood beside her as well. The story goes on beyond words can describe. My daughter had hit a low in her life so bad that we as parents were lost and even doing everything we can to help and assist her in anyway to feel good about herself again was the hardest thing we had ever done. We were the lucky parents and unfortunately parents like yourself who didn’t have the chance to help your boy, please know that your child loved you more than anything. In conclusion of our story, the bullies backed off with peace bonds in place. They didn’t like it but they knew enough was enough and their threats didn’t mean anything anymore. My daughter after some counselling to her understand and gain selfworth went on to win a local pageant , then on to represent Ontario in a Miss Teen Canada pageant and then asked to participate in the Miss Universe Canada but as we all know education is a priority in our children’s lives so she declined so that she could prepare herself for university. Going through all the pageants she had gained so much confidence. Her platform speech was to raise awareness about bulling and how important it is to get communities involved to stop bullying. After graduating university she hopes to be able to own and run her own Equine Business to offer horse therapy to those who have or are struggling with some aspect of their life and hope that even if she is able to help one person benefit from her life experience than she knows she is helping the fight against bullying in some way.

  • Deborah

    my brother and I were bullied in grade school and it made our years there almost unbearable! Both of us almost died, once when bullies left me head first in a large snow bank and my brother when bullies hung him and his bike from chains in the auto mechanic shop at the local highschool. Suicide was on our minds almost constantly except we believed we were such loser we’d mess that up and not die just end up with only our eyes able to move. I always try to teach young people to think if what they are about to do or say would hurt if it was done to them, not to do it or say it to someone else. I could feel young Carl’s pain and understand the reason behind his actions. Sometimes it feels like the only way out is death. We need to change this so children and young adults, actually any one, never feel this way. God Bless!

  • Paula

    Um grande abraco familha walker,
    Sou brasileira i vivo da muitos anos na Italia. Hoje eu vi o programa e a forca da senhora encheu meu coracão de felicidade!!!! Que Deus possa ter reservado um lugar muito especial para Carl!!!!! Tenho certeza que ele esta sempre perto da senhora e toda familha walker!!!!!!! Tchau pequeno anjo vc ao contrario daquilo que pensavi….. Vc è muito amado!!!!!!!

  • http://thesavvysistah.com/stand-bullying-walker-family/ james hause

    Hi my name is james i am 25 years old and i to have been bullied. From a very early age i have been bullied for being gay. It hurts my heart to know that there is still so much bullying going on in the world today. I can’t even think of what it would be like to lose someone close to me because of bullying. I just watch the Extreme Makeover Home Edition about the walker family and about carl. I have to say that yes i cried like a baby to see this family and see all the pain that they went through with the lose of there little man. My heart really goes out to them. My dream is to one day see a complete stop in all bullying from people of all ages not just kids but adults as well. Live a life worth living and STAND TOGETHER!

  • http://thesavvysistah.com/stand-bullying-walker-family/ james hause

    Hey Walker Family i have posted on here before and i just wanted to post again to add that i am so sorry for your loss and also count me in on the no bullying protest. Btw my name is james hause. Like i said in my other post that i to was bullied for being gay and chubby. I was not the only one in my family that was bullied but so was my brother. we both went through it together and still do deal with it today at times. So to all those out there that have been bullied. I just want you to know you are not alone. to the Walker family i would like to say that i love you guys and what you stand for. Again i am so so sorry for your loss. Live a life worth living and STAND TOGETHER!

  • Joseph

    We are french but we stand against harassment and bullying. ! We love WALKER family !

  • steven

    hi walker family i am from grand falls new brunswick canada i am a dad of 4 and my kids were bullied in school and i created a site on facebook it is called stop the bullying in our schools and community i am 100 % against bullying i watched your epasode on extreme make over your familly deserves that butiful home i also lost a friend from bullying 3 years ago he was my best friend it was hard for me when he passed away ,and he was my oldest sons godfather and i lost him because of bullying ever scence he passed i created my site on facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/197525980336461/ if you get a chance check it out you are a very loving family and you deserve to be happy take care and you have my sympothys yours truly steven deleavey keep strong for everyone your an awsome family

  • Linda nelson

    Nice work walker family keep on going x

  • Keri Connor

    Hello Walker Family,
    From England.
    I was so saddened by your story and can understand personally how bullies affect your life. So many times as a I was growing up, I contemplated taking my own life to avoid bullying. So much much so that even today at the age of 40 it still haunts me and affects my life.
    I now have children of my own and I hope I have empowered them enough to cope with bullying and life. However, here in The UK it is still very much prevalent not only in schools but in the work place. Yet, the response from schools is deniability that it happens in their school, and no support for those affected and a negative view on employees that are bullied usually by management, to the point where you leave your job to avoid the ridicule and sarcasm of staff. This has to stop, it should be made law, so many lives are affected and lost to what I see as a take out on others what I am lacking in my life, and that quite simply is love, compassion and empathy for others. Much love to you and all that you do, and hoping that one day someone will be strong enough in the UK to act on bullying here, without fear of repercussions. X

  • fatima

    Dear family Walker, i’m a 27 mom of 3 kids and i can’t imagine the pain you feel when you loe a baby for a anything and it’s harder when you know you couldn’t control, i’m from Bolivia and here i will promoved the Stay Together Aganist Bulling !!!

  • Lorena

    Éste drama debe terminar. Ya no más chicos ni familias sufriendo por culpa de personas inconcientes. Luchemos juntos para acabar con éste flagelo.

  • Christian

    Hi Walker Family !!! am in Mexico and we STAND TOGETHER against bullying !!!!! keep up the great work, just like Kim and the rest of the crew from extreme make over said, YOU GUYS MADE THE FIRST STEP TO CHANGE NOT JUST U.S BUT THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!! lots of love from Mexico and El Paso TX !!!!!

  • Ariana

    Hi walker family sorry for your loss and I hope things are getting better for you and I support the stand together program. I was touched by your story. Sorry for your loss