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Shoya Bowman: Author, Playwright and Producer

Savvy Sistah: Shoya Bowman
Title: Author, Playwright and Producer
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We all have stories to tell, but what happens when people become inspired by hearing about your life experiences? You do exactly what author, playwright and producer Shoya Bowman did…you write them down, publish a book and then develop an entertaining stage play based on the key characters. Of course these steps may seem cut and dry, but this was a totally new undertaking for Shoya.

After she wrote her first book of poetry and short stories called Issues, she was actually encouraged by her readers to turn it into a novel. She listened to the positive feedback from her fans and the result was the novel Goodbye Don’t Always Mean Gone, which was published in February 2010. While making this transition as an author she did admit, I didn’t know the first thing about writing a novel and didn’t think that I would be able to hold a reader’s attention because it was unfamiliar territory for me, however I took a risk and it paid off.


Shoya Bowman is an Author, Playwright, Producer and the Savvy Sistah of the Week!


What inspired you to write your first book “Issues”?

As a result of failed relationships I was inspired to write my first poem entitled, “Mr. Wrong” which ultimately lead to my book, “Issues,” which is a tome of poetry and short stories.  I was fed up with men and their games.  I needed an outlet to vent.  Writing became that medium.


In your second book, Goodbye Don’t Always Mean Gone” you write about the raw realities of relationships that are faced with abuse, addictions, jealousy, infidelity, and more, how much of your own life experiences can be found in your writings. 

A great majority of my personal experiences through out my dating experiences are captured in my books.  I added a dash of drama, sex and excitement for entertainment purposes.  I’ve had some pretty drama filled interludes.  I would amaze my friends with my dating stories and was continuously encouraged to turn them into a book or either a stage play in which I obliged.  I’m a domestic abuse survivor and want to help encourage other women that they too can become a survivor.


You made a successful transition from author to playwright what steps did you take to accomplish this?   

Yes, I was blessed that I was able to transition from author to playwright fairly easy.  I had a great group of playwright friends that paved the way and offered advice as I began my journey.  I also worked under the Direction of my Playwright Teacher, Christine Houston.  She is the writer of the stage play, 227, which was later adapted into the 80’s sitcom.  We worked vigorously for four months until this wonderful project was derived.

What’s up next for Shoya Bowman, the author, playwright, producer and blogger?  

Up next, I will appear on an episode of “Iyanla Vanzant’s, Fix My Life” show on the Oprah Winfrey Show with the other members of the Six Brown Chicks.  This was a once in a lifetime experience for me and I’m anticipating my debut on a National platform.  In doing so I hope to be of assistance to other women that have gone through similar situations.

Up next is the presentation of my stage play, Love’s Got A Hold On Me to be performed during the 1st Annual Atlanta Black Theatre Festival in October.  I would also love to turn my stage play into a movie adaptation.


What is your favorite quote?

 “When others say you can’t, know that you can!”

What advice would you give to a woman who had the desire to be an author & playwright?  

I would say that you can do it! Stay focused and true to your purpose.  Write every day and don’t be afraid to take risks. It won’t be an easy road but with drive, consistency and passion your dreams will unfold.

I would also advise her to get some formal training by taking a class or workshop.  I do consult and host a course on “How to Self Publish” for aspiring authors.

Why are you a Savvy Sistah?

I’m a Savvy Sistah because I’m currently living my dreams.  An Author, Playwright, Producer and Blogger are major accomplishments and take hard work and discipline especially while doing so in the public eye.  I feel that I handle all that life offers with savvy sophistication.  I’m humble and aware that the blessings in my life come from a bigger source.  I’m honored to be a Savvy Sistah!

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Shoya Bowman is on a mission to bring attention to domestic abuse through her books and stage play and that’s why she’s the Savvy Sistah of the Week!