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The Savvy Seven Timeless Classics That are Worth The Splurge!

Nowadays it’s difficult to figure out what must-have fashion items every woman should have in her closet for the upcoming season. “What’s hot and what’s not” is not based on the fashion forecast by a team of experts anymore, but by which reality show diva has suddenly become a designer with her own line of clothes, shoes and accessories. There was a time when you could pick up Vogue magazine and make your shopping list (or fantasy shopping list) based on the fabulous styles that graced the 100’s of pages of the magazine, but that’s not so much the case today.

Since people change styles just as often as I change my Facebook profile picture, I’ve compiled a list of the Savvy Seven timeless classics that I feel are worth the splurge and sacrifice instead of wasting my money on fading trends.

1. The Black Dress

The black dress is my staple piece. I can wear this dress to a lunch meeting or church and then change up the the look by adding a high heel, attention-getting accessories and a bold & bright colored handbag.

2. The White Cotton Blouse

Whoever said white blouse’s can’t be sexy, just never found the right one. I like white crisp shirts that have a lot of detail and wrap at the waist. A white shirt will always be in style, just take a look at some of the classic movies

3. Platinum Watch

By investing in a nice platinum watch I know that I will get my money’s worth especially since it will coordinate with all my clothes and most companies offer great warranties.

4. Diamond Studs

“Diamonds are forever” and it’s true! A nice pair of diamond studs is a great investment plus they compliment all of my wardrobe choices and maintains value over the years.

5. Tan Satchel

Tan is a neutral color and the satchel is a classic style. Fifty years from now this design will still be a must-have item.

6. Pearl Necklace

When I think of pearl necklaces, the first image that comes to mind is Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Pearls are so feminine and classy, they make you want to act more lady-like when you wear them

7. Patent Leather Pumps

I feel that patent leather pumps are the sexiest style of shoe a woman can wear. They just add a dose of mystery, sex appeal, and sophistication to any and everything…especially my legs.

These are the Savvy Seven Timeless Classics That are Worth The Splurge, so what are yours?

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