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Mayor Cory Booker Saves Neighbor From Fire, Suffers Second-Degree Burns

Photo courtesy John Munson/ The Star-Ledger

Mayor Cory Booker is so dedicated to the citizens of Newark that he didn’t have to take a second thought when it came to saving his neighbor from a burning fire. After returning home from an television interview he noticed flames and fire coming from an adjacent building and went in with his security detail to help save the occupant of that residence.

According to The Star-Ledger Booker said he thought he might have to jump out of a window because of the heavy flames. He continued to recount his experience and said, “We got everybody out of the house, but their daughter’s screaming, ‘I’m upstairs!’ I suddenly had the realization that I can’t find this woman. I look behind me and see the flames and I think “I’m not going to get out of here.” Suddenly I was at peace with the fact that I was going to jump out the window.” Not ready to give up, he finally her heard voice. “I just grabbed her and whipped her out of the bed”, he said and they both made it out safely.

Booker, his neighbor and three members of his security detail were rushed to the hospital. He was treated for smoke inhalation and second-degree burns to his right hand. His neighbor is listed in stable condition with burns to her back and neck.

Mayor Brooks went to Twitter to update everyone on his condition and Tweeted,