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Master Networker & Founder of What U Need Is…Cynthia Boykin

Profile: Cynthia Boykin
Occupation: Founder: What U Need Is…

When you meet Cynthia Boykin of ‘What U Need Is…’ for the first time, you’ll instantly notice her charisma and humility. She approaches everyone she meets with a smile and a business card in hand. What’s so ironic is usually the card is not her own, but the business card of someone who she feels you should be in contact with. Cynthia is known as the “Master Networker”, and I feel this title suits her well. When I met her last year she was selling vintage purses and marketing her personal shopping services at an networking event.  Not only was she telling me about her products and services but she gave me a list of businesses I needed to see before I left. Right then and there, I knew she was someone special. She was so confident in who she was, that she didn’t mind promoting another business. “Cynthia is known for being able to build relationships connecting the right people together skillfully and swiftly.

What U Need Is… the well known Chicago-based consultancy that connects businesses to new customers has over 10,000 subscribers in a variety of industries including Fashion, Event Planning, Playwrights, Magazines, Authors, Graphic Artists, Doctors, Attorneys, Alumnis and a plethora of other business owners. Although the majority of What U Need Is… business is done in the Chicagoland area, the “Master Networker” has connected her clients to new business opportunities on a national level. Cynthia works diligently with businesses all over the country to add value to the ventures of her clientele. Cynthia has recently been honored as a “Distinguished Leader in Media” by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women Inc. ( Chicago Chapter)

Get to know Cynthia Boykin…Up next is my Q & A with The Savvy Sistah!

What motivated you to create ‘What u Need Is…’?

I left my position as a personal shopper with Saks Fifth Avenue two years ago with a disablilty and started my own personal shopping business in addition to selling vintage purses. While I was out promoting my business, I could hear the needs of the people. I knew so many people and I wanted the people I knew to have the opportunity to network with other great people.

How have social networking sites helped to expand your business?

Social networking sites have really helped to expand my business because they provide me with an avenue to promote my clients, (which I do faithfully) every 2-3 hours, 24 hours a day.

How did you feel to be honored as a “Distinguished Leader in Media” by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc.

I was so honored to be recognized by the National Coalition of 100 Black women, it was truly unexpected. I do these things because it’s a passion,  I would do it for free. I felt honored because of who they are and what they represent.

What new endeavors are you working on for the upcoming year?

  • I will be on the cover of  Black Pages International (directory of black business owners) with other business owners.
  • I am the official sponsor of Dangerous Curves Ahead (an annual charity fashion show & women’s expo held in Chicago)
  • Planning monthly networking events for local businesses
  • Expanding ‘What U Need Is’ into other markets

What would you tell a woman who had a desire to start a business?

“Whatever you would do for free, is what you are called to do. Follow your passion and God will make provision for you”.

Cynthia Boykin is a “Master Networker” who is connecting people to new opportunities and that’s why she’s the Savvy Sistah of the Week!


  • Ms. Cynthia is so sweet & understands the value of strong business relationships. If you need to promote your company, you need to talk to Ms. Cynthia.

  • thanks for helping me with my business! Your work is great!

  • I love Cynthia great piece Savvy Sistah keep it coming

    BuzzZin OFF in 2011

  • Very nice post, good luck! ;-)

  • Super Site

  • I would like to speak with you about my up and rising business that is in the making.

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