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Juana Wooldridge: Actress | Published Author | Motivational Speaker

Juana Wooldridge

Savvy Sistah: Juana Wooldridge 
Title: Actress, Published Author and Motivational Speaker
Twitter: @AskJuana
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Juana is a cup full of ease.

After sending a few emails to her and getting her Savvy Spotlight written late (clears throat), I mean a bit delayed. I get an email from Juana saying, “No problem. Everything happens at the right time.”

I knew this interview was going to be awesome. Juana is quite a Savvy Sistah.

Juana Wooldridge is an Actress, Published Author, Motivational Speaker and the
Savvy Sistah of the Week!


As a capable and committed actress, Juana Wooldridge holds the power to become the character and make the audience believe. She is no longer Juana Wooldridge, but she is this awesome new character presented to them from the stage.

Her passion for acting has brought her from her home in Los Angles, California to reside in Chicago, Illinois.

Competitive by nature, Juana competed on the Speech and Debate Team at Harper College in Illinois. With this powerful command of language and reason, she has an edge in the acting arena.

Her ability to surrender to the character and become someone else has developed into a greater understanding of the human condition and a compassion for people.

Juana has a deep resonance that surpasses many strong women. Wise beyond her years, she brings understanding to characters and makes them come alive.


As a writer, Juana brings an architecture of words that delight the spirit. Her desire to express and share herself brings a beauty to others. She weaves the tapestry of  thoughts into words that linger in the hearts and minds of her readers.

Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Juana enchants her audiences with her own strength of character. She brings hope, inspiration and challenge to audiences. She dares them to be more than expected as she shares her story.

Juana is a single mother with the drive to win against all odds. She encourages, cajoles and sometimes scolds, as she takes the audience on a journey to self-awareness.

Juana gives back!   Her feet are set on a path to help others. Her desire to excel is matched by service to her community. She is a voice of hope and comfort to those who are struggling and discouraged. Juana Wooldridge is an angel.

[bio via Sheryl Dolley]

Juana Co-Hosts on RankTop5Sports Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio with over 70,000 listeners. She also hosts the Juana Wooldridge Show: The Relationship Hour (hosted on the RankTop5Sports Channel).

Juana Wooldridge published I Got Juana Back a Journey of Inspiration in September 2011.  You can find her book on and Selling hundreds of copies Juana is the bestselling author at 220Communications. She is currently working on her second book. So be on the look out!
I Got Juana Back A Journey of Inspiration

The Savvy Sistah Interview

How were you inspired to become a motivational speaker and author?

It started with my writing on Facebook. My inbox poured in with people who told me that they really benefited from my writing. I wrote articles and blogs and the readers encouraged me to write a book. I was always a speaker and I wrote poetry. I made my own book of poetry in my early teens. 

What has been the biggest obstacle that you have faced in your career?

The biggest obstacle I’ve faced in my career has been finding a way to always push through from day to day.  Letting nothing distract me or take me offtrack. I have no choice but to be consistent regardless of all the background noise in my life.

I have to be consistent when I don’t know how I’m going to pay that bill or what I’m going to do about this and that. I have to smile even if I was upset the night before. I must live up to all the positive and motivation writing and speaking I do.

I tell people that the hardest thing to do sometimes is live up to the way you present yourself to others.

Where do you see your life and business in the next 5 years?

In 5 years I see television, radio, more books, and speaking.

I look forward to doing work in the ministry as well. I have a dream of starting a church, but I may do that through my writing online, since many don’t go to a place of worship. I’d like to help people all around the world with matters about spirituality, self-esteem and individual struggles.

I also see myself pursing the sports talk that I enjoy so much. I love sports and would like to be more involved in sports reporting. 

What advice would you offer a Savvy Sistah who desires to become a motivational speaker or author?

Do what you love and do more of it. If you love to write, write. If you would like to speak, you’ve got to start speaking. Be disciplined, take classes and do it daily. The rest will come.

In just 3 words… who is Juana Wooldridge?



a whole lot of Love

What is your motto or an empowering phrase that you always say?

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.
You can live to love or love to live.
Be the best version of yourself.”