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Savvy Giveaway: Celebrate your Natural Hair With a ‘Twizted Tee’ T-Shirt


The fabulous owner of Twizted Tee and the Savvy Sistah of the Week, Tanisha L. Blakemore sent over these t-shirts to giveaway to my amazing readers and I can’t wait to select the winners.

The Au Naturale, No Lye t-shirt is available in size medium and the sleeveless Naturally Unique t-shirt in extra large. Each shirt will come with a Dare to be Different bracelet and samples of Olive Oil to keep yours coils looking healthy.

It’s time to Get Twizted...good luck!

  • I celebrate by going to the salon and getting my hair professionally pampered instead of by me when my natural anniversary comes! I celebrate being natural by loving my self more and more each day for making this life decision! I have gained a bundle of self-esteem, self-love, and self-respect. I celebrate by encouraging my friends, family, and others to go natural also. I most definitely celebrate with boldness living in a small town where people think natural hair is something they can do.Being the only girl in High School with natural hair I definitely celebrate with boldness just to prove to other girls that natural hair is healthy hair. I celebrate it by giving my self inspiring quotes each and every day! I celebrate my natural hair mostly by just being me and loving the hair that god intended on me having, not conforming to the likeness of others!

  • Tiffany

    To celebrate my natural I rock my natural with a positive fly vibe that inspires others to return to their natural 🙂

  • shay

    Everyday I wake up to a twist out, puff, or bun….I’m accepting and embracing who GOD created, Naturally!

  • juanita

    i celebrate natural by doing the biggest curliest hairstyles possible. i LOVE to show off my curls & length.

  • Erykah

    I’m currently transitioning but I’ve been inspired by do many people to go natural I’m almost ready for my big chop & apart of going natural is accepting me for me I can’t wait to be fully natural it’s not easy but its worth it

    I don’t need a relaxer my hair isn’t stressed 🙂

  • Shaela Toni

    I celebrate my natural by caring for my tresses and showing them love by being knowledgeable about products and techniques used. No neglect!

  • Stephanie

    I celebrate being natural by rocking natural hair styles everyday and also showcasing them online for all my long distance friends to see =].

  • ATLsLadyLuck

    I’ve been celebrating by keeping my 12yr old and 6yr old daughters natural curls actively flowing freely !! In addition, my sisterlocks grace my face with their presence !! Everybody loves it … I tell my daughters to “Inspire others by being a natural (real) you … From the inside, out”

    Dare to Be Different … Get Twizted !!