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Bronx Girl Going To College At 13 Years Old

When you look on the news today, you almost walk away with the feeling that all of our young people are heading down the wrong road. But there are many young people who are choosing the right path and making some great decisions in their life and they are the one’s who should be highlighted.

Autum Ashante is just 13 years old and she is heading to the University of Connecticut this fall. This young lady speaks three languages and scored 149 on her IQ test. I think one of the best elements of this whole story is that she was raised by a single father and she never stepped foot into a public classroom because he decided to home-school her.

This is what Ben Ashante had to say about his daughter:

“What she’s doing is groundbreaking but this is not about vanity,” he said. “It’s about setting the tone for other black and Latino children who will come behind her. They’re always being told they are underachievers. We want to show this can be done.”

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Take a look at this video of Autum Ashante

Congratulations Autum…you’re a Young & Savvy Sistah!

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