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Beyonce Sings National Anthem Live at Superbowl Press Conference

beyonce sings at superbowl press conference

Beyonce stopped all the wagging tongues today at her press conference for the Superbowl halftime show sponsored by Pepsi. Instead of addressing the media first, she opened up with an acapella version of the National Anthem and then laughed as she said, “Thank you guys so much. Any questions?”

I still can’t believe the media frenzy that surrounded her lip-syncing at President Obama’s Inauguration. Many singers are defending her decision and said that if they were in her situation, then they would have probably used as pre-recorded track as well.

Regardless, the President’s Inauguration and Superbowl are not about Beyonce, so I think people should just let her do what she does best…sing!

beyonce sings national anthem at superbowl press conference

beyonce sings national anthem live at superbowl press conference


Are you looking forward to seeing Beyonces’ Superbowl half-time show?