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The Best Man Holiday…Was Worth the Wait!

best man holiday red scarves

A few days ago I was invited to have a Girls Night Out with my sisters at an advanced screening of the The Best Man Holiday and I felt like I was about to be reunited with some close friends. I remember 15 years ago sitting in the movie theater watching Morris Chestnut (Lance) ,Taye Diggs (Harper), Terrence Howard (Quentin) , Harold Perrineau (Julian) ,Monica Calhoun (Mia) Sanaa Lathan (Robin), Nia Long (Jordan) and Regina Hall (Candace), and Melissa De Sousa (Shelby) give us a glimpse into the lives of a group of successful men and women of color and wishing I could have been invited to the wedding.

Now fast forward to 2014…the full cast have all come back to reprise their infamous roles and to give us a glimpse of what we’ve missed over the last 15 years…and after seeing this sequel, all I can say is The Best Man Holiday was worth the wait.

So much has happened over the past few years and the group of friends have all had their share of ups and downs. Although the trailer showed us a few things, like who got married, who was pregnant and that Lance still had a nice body, it didn’t even come close to showing all the twists and turns that would take place in this movie. I have to admit that I was taken on a emotional roller coaster. I laughed and cried, then laughed and cried some more…before I knew it I was actually doing both at the same time.

The Best Man Holiday Nia Long Sanaa Lathan

All of the cast looked amazing and after seeing them on the big screen it is obvious that “Black don’t Crack”. I didn’t feel like I was looking at people 15 years older…they looked that good. All of the ladies looked fabulous from head to toe!!! I loved the hairstyles and the wardrobe that they wore, even Robin at 9 months pregnant looked haute!

The Best Man Holiday morris chestnut taye diggs

One of my favorite scenes from the movie was when all of the guys came together to perform New Editions hit, “Can You Stand the Rain”. The audience went wild ( me included) as they started lip syncing and dancing like they were performing at concert. It was cute to see the ladies sitting on the couch screaming and cheering for their men. ( I did the same thing in my seat) The guys all looked sexy (Terrance Howard can really dance) and took me back to the day I was sitting in the audience watching Ralph, Ronnie, Johnny, Ricki and Mike perform the same song in the 80’s. (memories)

best man holiday terrance howard

The breakout star to me was Terrance Howard, he kept the movie going with his humor and it was definitely needed. I found myself laughing so hard at certain times that I was literally crying. Although he didn’t change much (still a womanizer and smokes weed), you can tell Quentin has a big heart and when his friends needed him the most…he was there for them.

best man holiday nia long

It was good to see that Jordan finally found love. She’s a strong, independent and successful woman ( a true Savvy Sistah) and although she really doesn’t need a man (as she says) she finally let her guard down to allow the handsome Brian (Eddie Cibrian) to steal her heart.

best man holiday the savvy sistah

I feel like one of the actors in my creme sweater and red scarf!

Although the movie is coming out today, I will not give any spoilers or go too deep into the storyline. This is one movie that I feel you need to experience for yourself without giving you too many details. You are going to enjoy the actors, the soundtrack and the bond between these friends. All I can say, is get ready to go one a emotional roller coaster ride…so hold on to your seat and enjoy!

best man holiday girls night out the savvy sistah

My sisters and I (Ronda & Rolonda) at the ICON Theater in Chicago preparing for our Girls Night Out at the advanced screening of “The Best Man Holiday”

I give “The Best Man Holiday” 2 Savvy Thumbs Up…it’s a must see!

Are you going to see The Best Man Holiday?

If you saw it, what did you like most about the movie?

  • tracy

    Love this movie 4 STARS