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10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer (Blogger)


Over the past few months I have been slowing losing my motivation to write and update my blog.  For some reason just pulling out my laptop and turning it on felt like too much work.When I started blogging, it started off as an hobby and I really enjoyed adding my post every few days or once a week. But now blogging is a business and I have to approach it totally different now. I was talking to my cousin a few days ago about how I felt about writing and how my motivation seemed to be evaporating right before my eyes…(I have been so frustrated)!!!!. But then he asked me this question…”Do you want to know how to become a better writer”? He said those words with so much confidence,  I had to tune my ears up to receive what he had to say. Before I knew it he started quoting these “10 steps to Becoming a Better Writer” and things started to immediately turn around for me …maybe they’ll help you too.

Courtesy of Brian Clark  founder of Copyblogger